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Mr. Fong, an elderly Chinese man, has been coming regularly to the Richmond Senior Center computer lab for a few months. He found out about the lab while having lunch at the center. The first time he came, I did not have a computer available for him, but he stayed and waited patiently. After waiting for the computer a few times, he started to come early so he could ensure there would be a desktop available for him to use. Sometimes I would offer him a laptop computer, but he had a problem using it since he has poor vision. However, he did not complain about it.

Mr. Fong said that he really liked going to the Richmond Senior Center computer lab. He had gone to several different computer labs, and those did not work for him. In the structured classes, he could not keep up with the material being taught. And in the open lab tutoring sessions, he had to wait for a very long time for the tutor. In my computer class, he has learned a lot of computer skills. He really liked the way I taught because I taught the material very patiently, and he never needed to wait for a long time. I always circulated the whole class to make sure every student had something to work on. Occasionally, I have students help each other.

After coming to the computer lab for a few months, Mr. Fong learned how to send and receive emails, save files, and send attachments. Additionally, in the time I have worked with him, he has learned how to do Google searchs for songs and movies as well as play Chinese chess online. During each of my classes, Mr. Fong offers to help the other seniors when I am busy. He is very excited by what he has learned in the computer lab, and he wants to share this knowledge with his fellow students.

方先生是一个中国老年人,他已经来列治文耆英中心的电脑室学电脑有几个月。他发现列治文耆英中心的电脑室,当他在哪里吃饭。吃过午饭他就来到电脑室来学电脑,但是哪时候我没有电脑给他用。他就呆在那里耐心地等待。经过了几次等待电脑后,他决定来得早,所以他可以肯定有一个台式机使用。因为当他来晚了我有时候没有电脑给他,和有时候我给他手提电脑。但是他使用起来 很有困难,因为他有视力问题。但是他并没有抱怨。

方先生说,他很喜欢在列治文耆英中心的学电脑。他去过了几个不同的电脑室学习电脑,但是他都学不会。在电脑课,他跟不上 。在电脑辅导课,他要等很长的时间才有老师来帮助他。在我的电脑课,他学了很多东西。 他喜欢我的教导方式,因为我教的很耐心,还有他并不需要等待很长一段时间。我总是循环全课室确保每一个学生有东西做至。有时我让学生互相帮助。经过了几个月在列治文耆英中心的电脑室学习,他学会了如何发送和接收电子邮件。他还学会了如何发送电子邮件的附件,并知道如何保存文件,他学会了网上搜索歌曲和电影和可以玩中国象棋和还很多。方先生很乐意提供帮助其他人,当我忙着帮助其他人的时候。他还与其他的同学分享他学到的东西。

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