Volunteer Program

Do you think access to the internet and an understanding of how to use the computer is important? Do you enjoy showing people how to improve their skills on the computer? Are you looking for a rewarding volunteer opportunity? If so, we've got what you're looking for.

CTN recruits and trains volunteers to provide technology training at computer centers across San Francisco, volunteers like Kyle Warneck:

A ‘stand out moment’ was watching a new volunteer working with a woman at the Tenderloin Tech Lab who had just got out of prison after 8 years. They used Facebook to help her reconnect with her kids and family who'd lost touch with her. She started with a blank page and by the end was receiving lots of messages from people eager to hear from her. Tears were shed.  Cool thing to be a part of.

And volunteers like Ian Meader:

At our basic computer skills class at Raphael House, my partner and I go over the "basics" with the guests present. We explain the names for the computer components and go into a little description of how data is stored on the hardrive and where to find all the programs on the C drive. I helped a woman named Maria find a typing program online and also assisted her daughter in starting her school paper and adjusting fonts in Microsoft Word. One of the guests was interested in setting up a webpage through Google Sites for her maid service business, and we assisted her in finding appropriate images and guided her through filling in the necessary information the site required. 

Our volunteers help new computer users:

•  Find and apply for jobs, and learn workplace computer skills
•  Find accommodation
•  Find information about essential services and support
•  Connect with family and friends via email and social networking sites
•  Have fun, and be safe, online

CTN currently places volunteers at the following locations:  Tenderloin Tech Lab (St. Anthony Foundation & Network Ministries), Valencia Gardens Computer Learning Center (Mission Housing Development Corporation), Treasure Island Homeless Development Initiative, Raphael House, The Lantern, Sunset Neighborhood Beacon Center, Swords to Plowshares (Presidio) and ROCK Beacon Center (Visitacion Valley).

And in 2012, there will be 26 Senior Centers to add to this list!  CTN has received a grant via the Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP) to improve the digital literacy of at least 3,000 seniors living in San Francisco until September 2013.

We are looking for volunteers with above-basic computer/internet skills and, ideally, with one or more of the following skills or interests:

•  Teaching/tutoring
•  English/Spanish, English/Russian, English/Chinese communication skills
•  Working with seniors

CTN volunteers are a diverse group of individuals committed to eliminating barriers to digital access, and have a wealth of experience in a variety of fields. If you are passionate about digital inclusion and would like to change lives by helping others learn how to achieve their goals with technology, please attend one of our online volunteer orientations to learn about CTN's volunteer program and how you can help.  Attendance at an orientation is required of every applicant before his or her application for service is considered.

Join us for an online, interactive presentation of our volunteer program and find out how to help people learn basic computer skills.  Check out our calendar for information about the next Online Introduction to Volunteering Meeting, then register to attend by contacting kerri@ctnbayarea.org, no later than 5pm on the day of the orientation.  Join us! 

Register for the next volunteer orientation by contacting us here. Please include your full name and one sentence describing your interest in this event

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